Terms & Conditions

Administrative Fees & Security Deposit:

A non-refundable Administrative Fee is required by all new residents in order to reserve a bed. (Boynton Beach $175.00, Delray 1 House $ 200.00, Delray 2 House $225.00) If a Administrative Fee is made to reserve a bed and the resident does not take residency, the fee monies are forfeited. In addition a Security Deposit is required prior to moving into our facility. The Deposit is refundable with successful completion of our 6 month program as per the terms & conditions of the residential lease agreement. Please use the options below to make your selection. (Boynton Beach $175.00, Delray 1 House $ 200.00, Delray 2 House $225.00)

Additional Rent:

All payments are applied first to any outstanding balances and then to any current amounts due. Rent is due on a weekly basis (i.e., from Friday to Friday) and is due on the Friday immediately preceding the following rental week. There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the rental agreement.

Client Funds:

The Client Funds Account is an additional service that Living Large Recovery provides for our residents. All Payments for the Client Funds Account are subject to a convenience fee, which will be charged in addition to the amounts to be allocated to the individual client's cash account. Any credits will be refunded upon the completion of the terms of the Residential Lease, subject to any necessary cleaning charges and/or outstanding rent balances.

Partial Refunds:

There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the resident lease agreement. If a resident leaves our facility of their own decision all monies paid to Living Large Recovery will be forfeited. If a resident breaks the terms of their lease agreement including the House Rules, all monies paid to Living Large Recovery will be forfeited. Any refunds made will be credited within 30 days electronically to the card or bank account from which they originated. A Refund Notification will be forwarded to the email address that the Registered User (Payee) entered during registration.

Phase 1 Residence Rules:

Clients must follow rules and regulations at all times. Failure to comply will include consequences
up to and including dismissal from recovery residence.

General Residence Rules
1.    Client will respect staff and other clients at all times.
2.    Client may not discharge against medical advice without approval from the Clinical Director.  Failure to do so will forfeit property that is being held by the center until the centers normal business hours of Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
3.    Clients are not permitted to have the following while at Phase 1 property: wallets, money, cell phones, or any electronic devices.
4.    Clients are subject to random urinalysis/ breathalyzers.
5.    Clients may not talk negatively about staff or other clients.  Excessive negative talk and or negative morale for example: wanting to leave the program and or house, will lead to Client being placed on a behavioral plan or even removal from the property.
6.    All common and private areas and clients’ possessions are subject to random searches.
7.    Clients will not be allowed to make any phone calls for five days, with the exception of an initial call to state the client arrived on the property safety.
8.    Clients will be allowed to have five monitored outgoing/ incoming phone calls from the house phone per week after the blackout period. A call list must be provided and approved upon introduction to house rules. Later changes in phone list must be approved by the client care and housing manager.
9.    Client funds can only be setup via online or through the office manager.  When Client completes the program or leaves the program these funds will be REFUNDED ONLY to the credit card that they originated from.  These funds will NOT be cashed out.
10.    Clients will attend the mandatory house meeting held on Tuesdays at 9:30PM.
11.    Clients will attend five to seven 12 Step meetings per week, which includes 12 Step meetings held on property. Clients will receive a meeting sheet that must be signed by a chairperson during each off-property meeting. Transportation will be provided by staff.
12.    Clients will attain a sponsor within the first two weeks.
13.    Clients’ sponsors and sober supports are allowed on property with prior approval.
14.    Clients will attend gym Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Clients do not have to participate but must remain present during allocated gym time.
15.    Clients are to be fully clothed in all common areas (shorts and shirts).
16.    Client will maintain personal hygiene, washing of clothes, and general tidiness.
17.    In addition to keeping personal areas clean, each client will be assigned a weekly house chore. Cleaning inspections will take place by 8:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and by 9:00 AM on Tuesday and Thursday.
18.    Clients must be in their bedrooms by 12:00 AM Sunday through Thursday, and by 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.
19.    No loud music is permitted.
20.    No sleeping on couches.
21.    Clients are not permitted in anyone else’s room without permission.
22.    No eating or drinking of others’ food.
23.    No lending or borrowing of personal items.
24.    No tobacco or e-cigarette product use inside the residence.
25.    If clients receive mail or packages it will be searched by staff.
26.    Bottled water only permitted inside program transportation, no other food and drink permitted.

Absolute Residence Rules

No Infractions allowed.

1.    Absolutely no drug or alcohol use, and no drugs or alcohol on property.
2.    No sharing/ abusing prescribed or over-the-counter medications.
3.    No medications or supplements of any kind on your person. Medications will be collected, counted, documented, held in the house safe, and distributed by the staff for the entire time the client is living at the residence.
4.    No substances containing alcohol (including mouthwash and hand sanitizer) or fermented beverages of any kind; and no pre-workout supplements, fat burners, prohormones, steroids or kava are allowed on property.
5.    No acts or threats of violence.
6.    No bullying, intimidation, verbal abuse, or emotional abuse.
7.    No weapons.
8.    No stealing.
9.    No gambling.
10.    No women allowed on property without prior approval at any time.
11.    No sexual activity.
12.    No pornographic materials.
13.    No destruction of property. Client will be billed for damages incurred.
14.    No racism, sexism, ableism, religious, spiritual, and/or any other discrimination.

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms:

All Internet transactions are final, and are not subject to reversal and/or cancellation. All Internet payment transactions are subject to a Convenience Fee equal to $7.50. This Convenience Fee is disclosed and included in the total payment amount prior to submission of your payment for approval. Note regarding "Save this information" and our "Express Checkout" feature: Living Large Recovery will not have access to this information. Your bank account and/or card data is encrypted prior to authorization. In exchange, the secure gateway returns a "token" to this payment system which can then be resubmitted with future payments in place of more sensitive information. End-to-End Encryption coupled with Tokenization ensures your data is secure.

By submitting your payment for authorization, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms & conditions as stated herein.